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WordPress Development Services

Brochureware Sites

Ideal for businesses needing a straightforward, informative online presence, our brochureware site development includes a simple, clean layout with essential features such as about us, services, contact information, and a blog. This service is perfect for those who need a quick, attractive, and efficient way to share information with their audience.

Duration: 2 – 8 hours
Cost: Starting from $200

E-commerce Sites

For clients aiming to dive into the online marketplace, we offer comprehensive e-commerce solutions. This service includes setting up product listings, shopping carts, secure payment gateways, and user-friendly navigation. Tailored to both small startups and large businesses, our e-commerce development ensures a smooth, engaging online shopping experience for your customers.

Duration: 4 – 30+ hours
Cost: Starting from $600

Complex/Custom Sites

Tailored for unique, intricate requirements, our complex/custom site development covers a broad range of functionalities. From advanced membership systems, and interactive forums, to custom post types with specialized databases, we handle it all. This service is aimed at clients who need a highly tailored, robust, and feature-rich website, going beyond standard templates and functionalities.

Duration: 40+ hours
Cost: Starting from $4,000

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Technology Stack

To execute this website and marketing, I’m using the following marketing tech stack.

  • WordPress hosting – Hawkhost is a shared hosting. It’s cheaper than dedicated WordPress hosting. When it comes to shared hosting, they’re the way to go.
  • WordPress framework – I find it impossible to do a proper WordPress website without using Gutenberg add-ons. Typically, I use GenerateBlocks but other add-ons may be needed according to the features intended for your site.
  • Best theme: GeneratePress. GP is developed by the same author that does GenerateBlocks. It is a theme that offers modern features without slowing down your site.
  • For WordPress backups, I recommend manual full or partial backups from cPanel.
  • There are several free and paid multimedia tools I recommend. Among them Pixabay, Icon finder, and Freepik. The above the fold image is an unDraw open-source illustration.

Please note that there are chances that I’ll get some compensation If you make a purchase following some of the links presented. Be aware that this is paid by the company where the purchase is made so feel comfortable about it since it will not directly affect you.


Who am I?

I’m Joao Torrado Reis, Marketeer turned WordPress implementer.

I’ve been selling websites as my main source of income for the last years.

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